Simon Ejdemyr – Data Scientist

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I'm a data scientist and engineer building tools for decision making and strategy. Since 2020, I've been at Netflix focusing on experimentation and causal inference.

My background is in computational social science. Although I use a range of quantitative methods in my work, I believe the best insights and predictions are formed when large-scale data and automation are married with careful human judgement and curation.

I'm from Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ, where I both worked in a warehouse and enjoyed a short pro soccer career before going to the US for college and a PhD. I'm just about to move to Los Angeles with my wife, son, and daughter. My last name is pronounced AY-duh-meer. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

Things I do


A few things I've published in academia and industry:


At Stanford I taught classes in applied statistics, for which I developed a number of R tutorials. While likely out of date, I've heard some are still useful.