Simon Ejdemyr – Data Scientist

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I'm a data scientist and (self-proclaimed) engineer building tools for decision making and strategy. Since 2020, I've been at Netflix focusing on experimentation and observational causal inference.

My background is in computational social science. Although I use a range of quantitative methods in my work, I believe the best insights and predictions are formed when large-scale data and automation are combined with careful human judgement and curation.

I'm from Sweden đŸ‡¸đŸ‡ª, where I enjoyed a short pro football (fine... soccer) career before going to the US for college and a PhD. I live in Los Angeles with my wife, son, and daughter. My last name is pronounced AY-duh-meer. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

Things I do


A few things I've published in academia and industry:


At Stanford I taught classes in applied statistics, for which I developed a number of R tutorials. While likely out of date, I've heard some are still useful.